Akke Functional Art is a modern furniture design+build studio dedicated to exploring the dynamic between natural and industrial elements.
Signe Yberg Ceramics are handmade in Brooklyn, NY.
Abstract painter Kerry Irvine works with color and form, often calling upon nature, landscape and the human figure to inspire her work.
John Clement sculptures are large-scale, painted steel forms with open and inviting negative spaces.
MONDAYS is a ceramics duo made up of artists Jennifer Fiore and Nina Lalli. All of their work is handmade in Brooklyn, NY.
Daniel's work is an evolving dialogue between opposites - light vs dark, form vs space, abstract vs representation.
Paul creates Polished Fresco artworks, evocative and colorful abstracts that look textured and three dimensional, but are flat, polished and smooth to the touch.
Inspired by Genres of expressionism and abstraction, Gretchen's style of painting is filled with vibrance and undulating rhythm & light.
open to the public by appointment
12b school st, northport ny             631.988.8108