Our storefront. The main door is a Q-Bert inspired design constructed from solid black walnut, cherry, and quarter sawn white oak.
Examples of our exotic woodworking treatments can be seen in this black walnut and purpleheart 'Ribbon Wall' and this charred douglas fir clad I-Beam.
Here's a close-up of Signe Yberg's ceramics on Akke Functional Art's 'Wormy Inertia, Jr.'. Her pieces are our best sellers, so stop in often to find new, little gems.
We used a variety of species of reclaimed wood to create the back area floor. This are has a full perimeter grey-washed planking half-wall with concrete countertops fabricated by Ben Turley of Surface Scapes (who luckily has his shop directly across the street). Perfect for resting your wine glass while you're playing table tennis. This bench is from our Steam Collection at akke 780. And, the crown and picture moldings show some of our special details at akke woodworks.
This white oak vertically clad wall (soon to receive a lime finish from Lisa Agosti) in 'The Garage' has a doorway into the front room of Gallery 37.
There's another wide doorway from 'The Garage' into the back section of Gallery 37. This allows for continues flow throughout akkseum — essential for facilitating a comfortable and successful event at our venue.
A peek into our powder room. The nautical horizontal planking by Akke Woodworks is a favorite of ours. We also added black walnut details to the toilet, used a cherry burl as a soap shelf, and finished our grey lacquer and purpleheart vanity with an integral sink concrete top by Ben Turley.
We're in love with our sign that was masterfully created by Carl Horn from Signs by Eclipse. It's back-lighted, so the whole building behind it glows at night.
"The Garage" is our main space. A showroom for the fine, interior woodworking of Akke Woodworks, it has a full glass roll-up door that opens into our charming, chic one-way street, a bar that we reclaimed from a very early project at Swallow Restaurant/ Swallow East, and a back section that is home to 'Pingtuated Equilibripong' — our internationally recognized, crazy-ass ping pong table (according to Adrian Covert of Gizmodo).
Signe Yberg's beautiful ceramics are displayed throughout the showroom and gallery on Akke Functional Art and akke 780 sculptural furniture pieces.
The space is available to rent as a unique venue for private events. The cost of rental includes a bartender and server.
More of Signe's pieces are on display on our custom black locust trimmed, black walnut mirrored shelves. These akke 780 pieces are available in custom sizes and in a variety of materials. This Venetian plaster wall is one of our favorite places to display paintings from our current show.
Gallery 37 is our primary space for displaying our fine and functional artwork. In addition to 'Whoosh' by Gretchen Fuss, we're honored to have a wall piece by the immensely talented sculptor John Clement. We also make these industrial light fixtures at akke 780.
The back of the space has a kitchenette that showcases custom cabinetry and a coffered ceiling by Akke Woodworks. The finish on both of these (as well as the plaster wall) are also all done by Lisa Agosti. The ceiling is actually an incredibly convincing decorative mahogany finish painted onto MDF and poplar.
Please come by to visit us at akkseum, located at 12b school street in the heart of the Northport Village on the North Shore of Long Island. As this other spectacular sign by Carl displays, akkseum is the home to all of our brands: Akke Woodworks, Akke Functional Art, Gallery 37, Akke 780, and Akke Builders + Craftsmen.
open to the public by appointment
12b school st, northport ny             631.988.8108